Aston Martin

Performance, Power & Economy

SRS Performance’s Aston Martin chip tuning and Aston Martin fuel economy software will increase overall power and torque, driveability and throttle response, as well as improving Aston Martin fuel economy and fuel efficiency. SRS offers both Aston Martin diesel and Aston Martin petrol tuning.

Please use the table below to get the estimated economy and performance increase data for your vehicle. If your vehicle is not listed please contact us and we will do out best to accommodate you.

*Please note that all data is an estimate, actual values may vary.

 Aston Martin Economy Map Performance Map
Model Fuel Type Original BHP BHP Torque Fuel Saving BHP Torque
AMV8 Vantage 2005> Petrol 380 bhp N/A N/A N/A +28 bhp +35 nm
AMV8 Vantage 2008> Petrol 420 bhp N/A N/A N/A +31 bhp +40 nm
DBS/DB9 Petrol 470 bhp +N/D bhp +N/D nm N/D% +34 bhp +N/D nm
Rapide 6.0 v12 Petrol 477 bhp +n/a bhp +n/a nm n/a% +20 bhp +25 nm
V8 Vantage Petrol 380 bhp +n/a bhp +n/a nm n/a% +22 bhp +35 nm
Vanquish/S Petrol 460 bhp +N/D bhp +N/D nm N/D% +34 bhp +N/D nm